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Donation FAQS

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

We want to make the SMUDRA Donation FAQS experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below for a more detailed understanding of foundation laying.

Can my SMUDRA Facebook Fundraiser Donations Apply Toward My DAD/FP?

SMUDRA fundraiser donations are not automatically applied to your DAD/FP or credited to the Disha Arogya Dham Foundation (SMUDRA) fundraiser organizer, unless the donor contacts SMUDRA. For the fundraiser to be donated by you in support of SMUDRA, you will need to contact SMUDRA Donor Services at didrassistance@smudra.org with a copy of your SMUDRA fundraiser donation receipt.

If you are a supporter of someone else’s SMUDRA fundraiser and would like your donation to be applied to your DAD/FP or applied as an organizer’s credit, you should contact SMUDRA Donor Services at didrassistance@smudra.org you will have to do it, but you will have to give a copy of it to be shared. Your donation receipt.

I am interested in making a charitable donation to SMUDRA. What are the possibilities?

Charitable donations can be made by any person or in the name of any other person. We offer a wide variety of recognitions and awards. For information about the types of currency donation and recognition programs, visit the Ways to Give section of the website.

What is the donation process? 

Donations can be made online at www.smudra.org/donate or they can be sent to SMUDRA.

All India checks drafted on an India bank should be sent to:

Disha Arogya Dham Foundation

Department SMUDRA

Wires transfers should be sent to:

E-20 Kedia Palace Murlipura Scheme, Jaipur 302039 Rajasthan

Account Name: Disha Arogya Dham Foundation

Account No: 920010067211407

IFS Code:  UTIB0000789

Swift International Banking No:

In states where DAD has bank accounts, funds can be deposited in the local currency. Be sure to check the association’s official exchange rates shown on the monthly club statement. When depositing funds by local deposit, it is important to fax, mail, or email SMUDRA a copy of the bank deposit receipt and to whom the donation should be deposited.

If the funds meet the criteria for the fellowship credit (donations made to support youth, meet humanitarian needs, provide disaster relief, save sight, and general funds for the area of ​​greatest need), the DAD credit is issued.

The standard processing time for a DAD is two to four weeks. Many countries may impose customs and GST duties on the import of DAD plaques and other honors and awards. These fees are the responsibility of the individual or club receiving the item locally.

Does the donation cover administrative expenses or does 100% of the donations go towards program services?

Financial responsibility and transparency are important to SMUDRA. SMUDRA continues to ensure that all donated funds are used efficiently to help as many people as possible.

Grants as well as grants to fund short-term and long-term program expenditures. Based on the target investment return, the investment income is estimated to be sufficient to cover projected administrative and development expenses.

How does SMUDRA compare to other charitable organizations?

SMUDRA is proud of its long-standing record of quality projects. SMUDRA stands for Quality (Effective Programs with Excellent Follow-up), Efficiency, and Excellence (the only DAD Foundation serving the world). The foundation was named the No1 NGO for partnering with these causes by the Financial Times.

SMUDRA donors can have confidence that their donation is being used to support the programs they are intended for. Learn more about our Charity Navigator rating.

How can I learn more about SMUDRA’s financial efficiency?

We appreciate the opportunity to share with you more about our finances and programs. You can view our latest Annual Report. For more information about last year’s finances, see our Audited Financial Statement, or SMUDRA Tax Return.

What are the types of recognition available?

A variety of accreditations are available depending on the type of donation given. These validations are mailed to the donor. Note that many countries may levy customs duties and GST duties for the import of plaques. These fees are the responsibility of the individual or club receiving the plaque at the local level.

Is it possible to designate a donation to a specific cause or project through SMUDRA? If so, can I receive DAD Ayurveda Fellowship (DAD) credit for the donation?

SMUDRA asks that donors give to the Empowering Service fund, which supports all of SMUDRA’s causes, or the Disaster Relief fund, which is also a donation to SMUDRA but reserved specifically for disaster relief. Unfortunately, SMUDRA is not able to accept donations to specific local projects.

However, the foundation does support many DAD projects and initiatives through grant programs for projects that meet the grant criteria. Can a form of recognition such as a DAD Ayurveda Fellowship be sent out before a donation is received by SMUDRA?

SMUDRA Board policy requires that donations must be received at Headquarters before accreditation can be sent. To ensure accurate and timely processing and prompt issuance of accreditation, please include required documentation such as a completed DAD Ayurveda Fellowship Application Form.

Should contributions be accumulated and periodically sent to SMUDRA?

The funds should be forwarded without delay. Doing so ensures prompt submission of donor records and issuance of SMUDRA recognition and rewards. In addition, checks held for an extended period become dated, sometimes requiring a new check from the payer.

How should donations be sent?

In India, it is best to send a personal or bank check. Checks sent from outside India. Must be in India. Withdraw Rupee banks in India, which speeds up processing and reduces costly international bank collection charges. Checks should be sent to the lockbox address of SMUDRA and not to the physical address of SMUDRA.

In countries where DAD or SMUDRA have bank accounts, the required amount can be deposited in the local currency of India. Rupee, using the Association’s official exchange rate shown on the monthly club statement. A copy of the bank deposit receipt should be sent to SMUDRA along with the completed donation forms. Fax or mail documents to SMUDRA Donor Services.

Check or bank draft should be made out to whom?

Make a check or bank draft payable to “SMUDRA”. Write the purpose of the donation, such as “Name of the DAD Ayurveda Fellowship/Recipient,” “Club Plaque,” “Contribution to Membership,” “Towards the DAD Ayurveda Fellowship,” etc.).

Can I charge my donation with my credit card?

SMUDRA accepts charitable donations from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. Donations can be made online securely and instantly. If you need help making your donation online, please contact Donor Support.


What is SMUDRA’s current refund policy?

Refunds for donations are available for 30 to 40 days after the donation is processed. Refunds will be returned using the original method of payment with the exception that cash donations will be refunded via check. Donations made by credit card will be refunded to the original credit card used.

Please contact SMUDRA Donor Services for additional information at 7976-808-977 are by email at donorassistance@smudra.org

Are there donor reports available from SMUDRA?

The types of reports available are listed online and can be requested from the Donor Support Department.

Want Even More Info?

For inquiries on previous donations, making a new donation, or requesting recognition, such as a DAD Ayurveda Fellowship, contact Donor Assistance at 7976-808-977 or info@smudra.org. You can also view the general FAQ for more information on how SMUDRA uses donations.