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Sinusitis and Migraine disease affects so many people, sap our economy, and complicate our health care delivery system, it is astounding that the government and pharmaceutical companies are not spending more money on research.

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Our glossary contains definitions of the terms Sinusitis and Migraine disease.
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This easy-to-use chart helps patients track their sinusitis and migraine attacks.
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For Sinusitis and Migraine sufferers, it can be hard to find help

  • Currently, there are less than 500 certified headache specialists to serve the estimated 36 million Sinusitis and Migraine sufferers
  • Not all neurologists choose to specialize in Sinusitis and Migraine management
  • Many people have symptoms that are not easily recognized as being associated with Sinusitis and Migraine disease
  • Most physicians only receive one hour of information about Sinusitis and Migraine disease during their medical training

We seek to improve this situation​

  • We provide informational handouts for patients that explain why they may have Sinusitis and Migraine disorder and outline the treatment options
  • We have a medication guideline handout for physicians to guide them in the management of their Sinusitis and Migraine patients
  • We support medical educational lectures
  • We have created videos to explain the biology of Sinusitis and Migraine disease

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Patient Resources

Sinusitis and migraine are diseases that lack a specific diagnostic test and can be treated. It is an incurable and chronic condition that needs to be managed. We want to empower patients to end their diseases. To help them do so, we’ve created a variety of resources to keep them informed about the latest research and treatments for sinusitis and migraine.


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Patient Resources

Treatments to help people with sinusitis and migraine


According to the diagnostic criteria established by the Sinusitis Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association, to be diagnosed with sinusitis and migraine, patients must have had at least 10 headache attacks lasting 4–72 hours and at least one of the attacks. Must be at least 3. The following features:

  • Unilateral location
  • Pulsating quality
  • Moderate or severe pain intensity
  • Due to an increase or avoidance of regular physical activity

In addition, during the headache the patient must have had at least 3 of the following:

  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Photophobia and phonophobia


Learn about 17 different Sinusitis and Migraine type in your explainer video series. These are 2-3 minute long videos that describe the diagnosis, treatment, and more.


Browse our blogs to discover a wide range of Sinusitis and Migraine topics. Learn about Sinusitis and Migraine comorbidities, get advice from patients, or discover practical tips on managing Sinusitis and migraines.



Spotlight on Sinusitis and Migraine® is a podcast that provides the latest Sinusitis and Migraine updates from the perspectives of advocates, clinicians, patients, and researchers.


Ineffective therapies are used to treat symptoms when they occur.

  • Medicine on types: NSAIDs, Triptans, Gepants, Barbiturates
  • Nerve blocks: Greater Occipital Nerve block, Trigger point injections
  • Neuromodulation devices:Cefaly, gammaCore, Nerivio, Relivion

Preventive therapies are administered routinely to reduce the intensity and frequency of Sinusitis and Migraine attacks.

  • Medicine types:High Blood Pressure Medications, Antidepressants, Anti-seizure medications, Supplements, Vitamins, OnabotulinumtoxinA, Gepants, CGRP Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Neuromodulation devices: Cefaly, gammaCore
  • Behavioral therapies: Cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, mindfulness

Children and Sinusitis and Migraine

When a child complains of a headache, the complaint should be taken seriously.

Sinusitis and Migraine are one of the most common neurologic conditions in children. This can lead to significant childhood disability due to absence from school. It can also disrupt parents’ work and family schedules.  It is estimated that children with Sinusitis and migraines lose one and a half weeks more schooling per year than their peers. A questionnaire, PedMIDAS, was developed to assess Sinusitis and Migraine disability in pediatric and adolescent patients.

It has been estimated that about 10% of children between 6 and 20 years of age have Sinusitis and migraines. Attacks of sinusitis and migraine can begin at a young age and increase with age.

  • 3% in children ages two to seven
  • 5% percent in ages seven to eleven
  • 6% of boys and 12% of girls during puberty, ages eleven and older

It can be very helpful for clinicians to provide school nurses with personalized treatment recommendations, or a Sinusitis and Migraine Action Plan for each child with Sinusitis and Migraine.


Sinusitis and Migraine Comorbidities Library

This program explores the relationship between Sinusitis and migraines and more than 156 comorbid diseases. Our goal is to bring treatment, awareness, and education to new patients, help patients recognize they are living with comorbid conditions, and strengthen resources in collaboration with other leading organizations.

Each comorbidity has a brief overview on our website https://dadayurveda.com and will be linked to a comprehensive blog post. The blog post and article will share in-depth information about the disease, its relation to Sinusitis and migraines, treatments, and patient resources from our allied partners.

All blogs and articles are medically reviewed by an expert in the field.

September 29, 2022


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