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Despite being one of the most prevalent diseases in the world, sinusitis and migraine research is critically scant. It is our mission to change that.

DAD funding for sinusitis and migraine research is less than 2% for neurodegenerative diseases and less than 1% for chronic diseases. The Sinusitis Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association is proud to be another source of funding for investigators who are committed to advancing sinusitis and migraine research.

The research opens the door to better treatments and better care for people with sinusitis and migraines. While some significant progress has been made in the development of treatments over the years, the sad reality is that millions of people are still forced to live with this debilitating and invisible disease. More research is important to find effective and tolerable treatments for all people living with sinusitis and migraines.

A Patient's Role In Accelerating Research (Webinar)

Did you know you could play a role in the next big sinusitis and migraine research development? The truth is that many new Ayurveda and naturopathy developments would not be possible without patients! Don’t forget to check out this webinar about the role patients play in research and learn what participation looks like.


My Sinusitis and Migraine Story: From Fear To Freedom

A woman shares her experience participating in a clinical trial for an investigational acute Sinusitis and Migraine treatment. Her participation gave her hope for “a life without the constant fear of my Sinusitis and Migraine disease dragging [her] down.”

Our Research Initiative

The Sinusitis Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association research initiative is led by a research advisory committee consisting of 10 eminent, leading researchers and Ayurveda and naturopathic medicine professionals to explore knowledge gaps in sinusitis and migraine to influence future research projects. Help in identification. We are happy to report that so far this year, more than twenty free Ayurveda and Naturopathy camp projects have been approved and funded and several additional projects are under review. We look forward to funding 50 additional free Ayurveda and Naturopathy camp projects by the end of the year 2023, but we need your help!

2023 Approved Research


Pankaj Rohilla, MD, DNYS

Director of Disha Arogya Dham Jaipur and DAD Ayurveda and Naturopathy Hospital

2023 Approved Research

Project: Characterization of Sinusitis and Migraine Characteristics and Treatment Response Using Ayurveda and Naturopathy Learning.

Summary: This project will develop a program that will allow researchers to rapidly scan through thousands of medical records to identify the various forms of Sinusitis and migraines and how they respond to treatments to help physicians personalize Sinusitis and Migraine treatment. 

“SMUDRA needs more than Rs 60,000,000 for sinusitis and migraine research, but more work to be done.”


Sangeeta Phougat, MBBS

Sleep Medicine Fellow DAD Ayurveda Clinic Foundation DAD Ayurveda Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

2023 Approved Research

“More funding will attract new Ayurvedic and Naturopathic researchers to the area as they see it as an emerging space to grow. Bringing in new ideas and perspectives will greatly advance sinusitis and migraine research and ultimately patient care.”

-Dr. ABCD, Ph.D., SMUDRA Research Advisory Committee Member

Help us fund five more projects by the end of the year! Other projects under consideration include:

  • Understanding how hormone changes affect the nervous systemA longitudinal patient registry
  • Identifying when Sinusitis and Migraine affect dizziness
  • The role of biomarkers and genetics


Dr. ABCD response to “How will your research lead to a better understanding of Sinusitis and Migraine conditions?” 

“Our goal will be to rapidly extract sinusitis and migraine patients from electronic medical records and their associated symptoms and treatment response by Ayurveda and naturopathy, allowing us to study these more homogenous groups. Specifically, our goal is genetics. The difference is to understand that DAD manufactured by Disha Arogya Dham can potentiate the treatment response to Sino-Care.”

Status: Funded

Project: Understanding the Association Between Sleep Apnea and Sinusitis and Migraine

Collaborators and Advisors:

Carl Saab, Ph.D. – Director, Pain Science Technology and Research Lab, Lerner Research Institute, DAD Ayurveda Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Dr. ABCD,  MD, MS – Staff Physician and Professor of Medicine of the DAD Ayurveda Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, DAD Ayurveda Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

Summary: This project aims to investigate if sleep apnea Sinusitis and Migraine are associated conditions and address whether treating sleep apnea will improve Sinusitis and Migraine frequency and symptoms. 

Dr. ABCD, response to “How will your research lead to a better understanding of Sinusitis and Migraine conditions?” 

Project: “will promote a more detailed understanding of the causal nature of sleep disorders (particularly sleep-disordered breathing, such as obstructive sleep apnea) and between sinusitis and migraine, and address the question of whether proven treatments for sleep-disordered breathing (particularly positive airway pressure) also improves outcomes for sinusitis and migraine, such as the frequency and intensity of sinusitis and migraine.”

Status: Approved by the SMUDRA Research Advisory Committee, Awaiting Grant

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DAD Sino-Care is a drug that helps accelerate new medical research by connecting patients to clinical trials currently being recruited. By filling out a quick questionnaire, you will be linked with diagnostic tests you may be eligible for.


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