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Our Team

Sinusitis Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association

Our Team Ayurveda and naturopathy Doctor supports all Indians living with Sinusitis and migraines and their families and provides free treatment to poor and needy patients. We are the NO1 Ayurveda and Naturopathy Hospital in India and the only institute to find out the treatment of Sinusitis and migraines.

We are completely volunteer-run.

SMUDRA It was pioneered by people suffering from sinusitis and migraine. Our board is operational because we currently have no employees, yet we have an army of over 540 volunteers. In the year 2022, we have organized more than 20 free medical camps and provided free treatment to thousands of patients.

Because of the success in funding these projects and some of our key advocacy goals, we have turned our efforts to developing a more sustainable long-term plan. We have decided to double the size of the board as well as add more people to our leadership team. Redundancy is allowed.

Sinusitis & Migraine & Untreated Disease Research Association works under the Disha Arogya Dham (DAD Ayurveda) Operational Board. Each board of directors leads a working group of volunteers who work on a certain area of ​​our activities.

Our intention to expand the board is to split a few working groups to better share the workload. We also intend to recruit more volunteers to the team so that we can achieve more of our goals.

As a board member of the Sinusitis and Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association, you will be asked to lead and be accountable for an area of ​​the organization’s activity that best suits your skill set. The areas where we currently require a Board of Directors are:

  • Research: Monitoring and managing a DAD Ayurveda team of mostly academic researchers who donate their time to sinusitis and migraine research, developing a research program, and liaising with sinusitis and migraine researchers.
  • People: Monitoring and managing our membership and volunteer programs, specifically working with the Volunteer Coordinator and Support Director to organize our volunteer team, recruit and enlist new volunteers, assign them roles, and Ensure they fit well into our vibrant and talented team.
  • Fundraising and Grants: Developing and executing a fundraising plan and working with the Treasurer on budget and grant applications.
  • Communications: Management of external communications, email and website content, major publications, and media relations; Working with the Engagement Director on social media messaging, and the Campaign Director on key initiatives such as Sinusitis and Migraine Awareness Month, free treatment camps.

Board members are also involved in the selection and support of sub-board volunteers, organizing medical camps in their area of responsibility. Candidates interested in being a co-chair of the Board should indicate their willingness to take on this additional responsibility in their application.

The Sinusitis and Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association is also seeking two enthusiastic and qualified Company Secretaries to join our board who can provide support and strategic direction to the organization in partnership with other board members.

The main focus of the Company Secretary’s role is to contribute to corporate governance and compliance, assist the Board in policy and decision-making, prepare government and other legislative details, and provide general administrative support to the Board and its members.

You will also be responsible for updating SMUDRA and other records as required. In addition to the secretarial support of the Board, you will be asked to provide additional secretariat support to an internal committee and to lead a working group of administration volunteers.

The Sinusitis and Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association board meetings are held once a month on Friday evenings via Zoom. Applicants are invited from anywhere in the country and abroad.

  • Experience on boards or other leadership roles in health, social welfare, or pharma organizations.
  • Experience in developing business plans and administrative documents, and articles.
  • Experience leading teams of volunteers.
  • Experience in developing and managing medical camp projects or long-term action plans.
  • Familiarity and comfort with online tools such as Slack, Workstreams, Google Workplace, Whatsaap, Zoom, and Facebook.
  • Experience and skills relevant to the role you’re nominating, and be courteous to people.
  • Understanding or lived experience of Sinusitis and migraines.
  • Commitment to the purpose, goals, and values of Sinusitis and Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association.

To apply, please email a cover letter and your resume to team@smudra.org with ‘Board Application’ in the subject line. 

Please ensure that your cover letter addresses your personal experience of Sinusitis and migraines, whether your Sinusitis and Migraine or that of a loved one.

Sinusitis and Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association is run entirely by volunteers, and all of us either live with Sinusitis and migraines or care for someone with Sinusitis and migraines. 

You can help too! The more people involved, the bigger the network will be and the more people we can treat, the more impact we can have.

Want to know more about what kind of work our volunteers do before?

Read about our work groups, hospitals, clinic chain, and teams or our Ambassador Program.

We continually experiment. We fail quickly and productively. We use data and feedback to guide our course.