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The Sinusitis Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association (SMUDRA) is a health promotion charity. We were established by Disha Arogya Dham, and will always be under his leadership, We diagnose and treat sinusitis and migraines with better management. You can find details about us here.

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Welcome to Sinusitis Migraine & Untreated Diseases Research Association

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We provide local nonprofits with funding, tools, training, and support to thrive. Your donation makes a difference in our Sinusitis Migraine research and innovation efforts. Join us in our free treatment camps from September through December, open to all abilities and people from around the world.

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We assist local nonprofits in obtaining funding, tools, training, and support to achieve their goals.

We are here to provide support for individuals who are experiencing financial hardship.

There are over 75 crore patients in India who require treatment for sinusitis and migraine.

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The Sinusitis Migraine and Untreated Diseases Research Association (SMUDRA) is a national patient advocacy body and registered health promotion charity. We were founded by Disha Arogya Dham, and will always be led by her, who has a lived experience of Sinusitis and migraines.

We diagnose and treat sinusitis and migraine with better management, better support for people living with it and their families, and a better understanding of sinusitis and migraine throughout the community. You can view details of our current leadership team here.

SMUDRA is primarily funded by membership fees and donations from people like you. Donate here.

From time to time we will continue to get grants to do some projects. We have recently been awarded a grant from Disha Arogya Dham Health Department to produce sinusitis and migraine treatment and awareness material for patients.

There are many types of headaches

For an accurate diagnosis, it’s best to seek help from a doctor. Symptoms of sinusitis and migraines include moderate to severe throbbing pain on one side of the head.

You must also have other symptoms to be diagnosed with sinusitis and migraine – such as sensitivity to light, noise, or smell, or nausea and vomiting associated with your headache, and you need at least three attacks to be confirmed. Yes, it is sinusitis and migraine.

All sinusitis and Migraines are Chronic

Chronic sinusitis and migraines are diagnosed when a person experiences more than 15 headaches and allergy days per month, with 8 of those days being specifically related to sinusitis and migraines.

You may hear the phrase ‘transformed’ sinusitis and migraine, which refers to when someone with an episodic presentation of sinusitis and migraine attacks – fewer than 15 headaches, allergy days a month – gets worse and has more frequent attacks, becomes chronic sinusitis and migraine. It occurs with about 70% of the population with sinusitis and migraine every year.

It is thought that people with sinusitis and migraine spiral more frequently and have attacks of sinusitis and migraine due to a process called central sensitization. Repeated pain changes the way the brain works, resulting in the experience of more pain with less stimulating stimuli.

The brain becomes more sensitive to pain and so you feel more intense pain more often. The more frequent attacks occur, the more persistent this central pain sensitization becomes and the more difficult it is to treat.

The other factor is called a drug overuse headache. It is a complication of sinusitis and migraine where frequent use of drugs produces more headaches. Again, the more medicine you take, the more headaches you get.

I’m sorry, but sinusitis and migraines are both primary disorders.

You must have specific genetic variations to develop Sinusitis and Migraines; it is not caused by external factors.

However, Sinusitis and Migraine have many comorbidities, and poor health in other areas can make your Sinusitis and Migraine attacks worse.

A range of drugs and other treatments

Which can be used to prevent sinusitis and migraine attacks. Discuss with a DAD Ayurveda doctor whether they are right for you, but generally, they should be considered if you are having more than 4 sinusitis and migraine attacks per month.

If there are fewer than 4 attacks a month, you should be able to manage things with abortive drugs like triptans and acute medications that treat the symptoms, like painkillers.

What are sinusitis and migraine variations caused by

In the brain, certain genes are linked to sinusitis. Currently, 44 such genes have been identified.

Some people have a single gene variation, but most people have a combination of gene diversity. It is strongly hereditary (if you have sinusitis and a migraine then there is a 50% chance that your child will also be), but because it is due to a combination of genes in most people, you can still get it if your Parents do not have it. To get something from Mam, and some from Dad.

These genetic differences typically grow ions very rapidly in the brain of sinusitis and migraine, and it makes sinusitis and migraine brain hyper-reactive for sensory input and other stimuli.

Learn more about sinusitis and migraine genetics

The smallest presentation of the granum is considered colic.

When babies cry excessively for no apparent reason. Attacks of sinusitis and migraine associated with headaches have been reported as early as 18 months of age.

In children 5 to 10 years of age, the most common presentation of sinusitis and migraine is abdominal migraine, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, and/or constipation. Children with migraine sinusitis and migraine can also get car sick easily.

Half of all children with sinusitis and migraines have their first headache attack before the age of 12. Sinusitis and migraines tend to be more aggressive in teenagers and can be debilitating due to hormone changes. From about age 17 onwards, boys tend to stabilize or improve, while girls usually persist until age 50 and get progressively worse.

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Disha Arogya Dham is the largest Ayurveda and Naturopathy crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, charities, and companies in nearly the country. We help non-profit organizations and poor needy patients across India (hundreds of locations).

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This project will develop a program that will allow researchers to rapidly scan through thousands of medical records to identify the various forms of Sinusitis and migraine and how they respond to treatments in order to help physicians personalize migraine treatment.
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    The Sinusitis Migraine and Untreatable Diseases Research Association® strives to expand understanding of the treatment of sinusitis migraine.

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